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Someone said, “Readers will ask who you are,” and our controversial position will no doubt make readers more inquisitive than normal. Cal and Helen Fullerton are not, never have been, and will never be, Mormons. We are evangelicals, adhering to mainstream viewpoints on the Bible’s basic doctrines.

The author of the bulk of material on this website, Cal Fullerton, was raised on a dairy farm in Vermont. His mom regularly took him and his two sisters to a fundamental, traditional Christian church.

He didn’t become a Christian, however, until age twenty-four under the influence of charismatic Christians in Tennessee.

A few years later he spent two semesters at Oral Roberts University, majoring in theology.

Shortly before attending ORU, he began using most of his free time seeking the Lord, foregoing worldly thrills, material frills, and even marriage to search the mind of the Spirit for an understanding of God’s Word.

In the fall of 1987 God gave him a revelation concerning the Mormon Church. In 1993 he married his wife, Helen--but not before God also gave her the same prophetic insight.

Helen became a believer in Jesus in 1976 after hearing the audible voice of the Lord say, “Follow me.”

The Fullertons attend an evangelical church in New Hampshire.