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A Call for Unity

August 2010

Dear Mr. Fullerton,

What a beautiful website you have created. Warm, personal, interesting, instructive and succinct. Thank you.

For many years I have wondered about the Mormon faith, but have never gone past the negative comments made by fellow Christians. I have voiced my dismay at the denominational biases that have fractured what should be a united effort. I have also wanted to shout “Christianity is not a series of clubs with man-made rules and regulations. It is the only means of personal and communal salvation.” However, I have never taken a step from words into action as you have.

Denominational differences have splintered what began as a powerfully simple message of faith in Jesus, the Savior. Unfortunately, socalled leaders continue to divide the faithful into warring camps instead of bonding us together to change the world. I can’t help but believe that Jesus weeps at the pride, arrogance, and greed that is so virulent in today's community of religious leaders.

Thank you for taking the time to study and produce a work that is providing truth about one group that has been condemned by falsities and misunderstandings. It is vital that we erase such man-made divisions in the body of Christ and in so doing grab the attention of the lost. Our common faith, if united, has the power to change the world.

I will pray that your work will be widely recognized and will create an understanding that will bring together all Christians who love and serve our Lord and Savior.


B. A. Winslow

Book Reviewer

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